Out of the Mouth of Campers

So, I’m working at my old haunt camp for the last few weeks and I have my ‘draft’ of my novel (or at least what I have written so far) riding around in my backpack. It rained for a bit on Thursday and we were all trapped indoors. I was assigned a group of 9-year old boys so, needless to say, I was watching the Ga-Ga (indoor ground dodge ball) pit.

On a rainy day, those boys needed *something* to keep them entertained and Ga-Ga is ALWAYS entertaining. Besides, we needed the rain.

Anyhow, I happened to have my binder out (I was storing my schedule in it as well as several materials for ‘down time’) and a gal came by from the older kids and noticed the story within. This was a camper I have known for a long time, and I had no problem with her checking out my binder. I cautioned her that it was a draft and a work in progress, but she didn’t care. She wanted something to do that wasn’t making friendship bracelets.

About an hour later we called break for lunch. Her group moved out of the Gymatorium (that really is its name) and I found my binder next to my bag.

And, written on a few looseleaf pages in a cursive that was far too pretty to be my own, were some comments she had left. Nothing too horrible, but a commentary on what she thought of the story (she liked it), the characters (they’re being awfully mean to each other), the romance (really, Steve?), and a few nice little notes.

It was a neat experience and unplanned. I didn’t see her again for the rest of the week (she was in Leadership camp and I was working Day Camp) but I appreciated hearing from a reader that isn’t involved in the creation process.

Just a thought for the day.



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