New Writing Technique..or at least new Planning.

I’m working on something new with my characters and writing process. I recently read this post by Rachel Aaron on a way to help with my writing process and generate more words per minute.

I thought I would give her tips a try. Yesterday my wife and I went to the IKEA store with one of my wife’s work friends. That meant they had a lot to talk about. Me? Not so much. But I had my Xoom and my Bluetooth keyboard, so, I sat down and worked out a few of the outlines that she recommended in her first step.

Knowing what you are going to write – yeah, big improvement. I have a timeline of events for my novel (thanks Ron for the help checking it!) and that was all I thought I needed. Turns out, after I followed her first step, it really wasn’t. I’m planning to go back to the timeline and re-examine it in more detail and transform it in the way that Aaron recommends.

Anyway, events are moving forward.

I should have something a little more insightful coming up pretty soon, but I’m pretty well in the zone on working on the story so I don’t want to lose that just yet.

Kind of a placeholder post. There will be something better by Monday. Promise.



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