An Old Story Hook….

Been doing a lot of work and I happened to find this old story premise floating around on my back up drive. I thought I would share it with the world – don’t know precisely where I was going with it, but it’s got some potential; once you get beyond the stereotypes:




“Hello and welcome to Aberon News at Six. I’m Alex Chin and these are today’s headlines on this, the eve of the celebration of the birth if these United States. Fourth of July festivities were interrupted earlier this afternoon when an Intellicon, the latest model in the wave of Zeta Company’s efforts to create an artificial human, went rogue and has barricaded itself in the home of its creator. We go live now to Erika Summers, on the scene.”


“Thanks Alex,” the sing song voice of a blonde woman said as the camera for the Aberon News cut to a scene of what would have been domestic tranquility, excepting the dozen or so police cruisers weren’t grouped outside of a renovated Victorian home, ‘The scene was chaos today when Intellicon prototype seven took hostage the family of Richard Light inside his Aberon Hills home at about three this afternoon.” She smiled, a row of perfectly capped and even teeth showed for a moment before the camera panned out to show the entire house and surrounding police cruisers, “Shortly after this, a call was put in to Zeta Company’s main switchboard where the android attempted to make contact with…”


“Ms. Summers! Ms Summers!” A uniformed police officer was running up pushing his way through the layers of armed men and women in uniform. Years of excessive desk work had yielded him two things; a gut and a mustache. Both were getting in his way as he attempted to maneuver through the spaces between the cruisers.


“We’ll talk to you later. Back to you in the studio, Alex.” As soon as the cameraman had flashed that the connection had been cut, the false smile fled from Erika’s face, “What is it Officer?,” she glared at the offending name badge, “Andrews.”


The officer, his massive girth creating a space between the two of more than the standard two feet huffed several times, “I’m going to have to ask you not to broadcast any of this. We have a secure situation and the android may be monitoring all the major networks. We don’t want it getting word of any strategy we might be developing.”


“Any strategy you might be developing?” Erika asked incredulously, her smile returning in the form of a sneer, “Officer, do you realize what you are saying? That thing in there is an Intellicon. You know, the artificial intelligence that’s been being developed that can store, recall, and process information faster than any conventional human brain. The ones that,” she swept her arm in the direction of the police cruisers, “your department has slowly been integrating into its forces for more than three years in order to manage dangerous situations just like this. I count thirty of the artificial officers out there Officer Andrews, and that one in there is superior to all of them. This Intellicon was supposed to be a part of your division as well, as a co-ordinator of the intellicon division. There is nothing you can do to outsmart him.”



Just something different I thought I would share. Looking for any kind of comments or feedback or general well-wishes. 🙂


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