Bad Blogger, Bad! No Biscuit!

I was doing so well there, at first, posting regularly and keeping new content ready to go.

And then I got busy. Life, to put it bluntly, got in the way. I got a new job, we have a baby coming (so a lot of classes) and all those little things got in the way of updating this place.

Not realy acceptable. Not even, really, an explanation. I have (or had) some followers and its not fair to them that they are not getting some kind of update; some kind of notion.

To put it simply, that’s not acceptable. I’ve written quite a bit over the last month and made progress everywhere else except in this blog.

Thus, new content for here is on the way. I have a good post almost ready to go examining Dungeons and Dragons and the new ‘5E’ that is being playtested at the moment. Also a book review on “Killer Twist” (a Ghostwriter Mystery).

Forward, onward, upward, HOOOOOOOOOOO!


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