10 Things I Should Like, But I Just Don’t (10-8)

10 Things I Should Like, but I Just Don’t (10-8)

10. Heath Ledger as the Joker

Now if I Could Just Do My Make Up Properly


Yes, I know he died for the part – or rather during the editing of it. However, his interpretation of the Joker in The Dark Knight, for me at least, was…excessive. I’ve read a lot of the Batman mythos and, to be frank, I’ve never seen the Joker with the kind of attitude that Ledger portrayed. Obsessed? Sociopathic? Yes. An idiot with a need to prove himself as ‘better’ than the rest of the criminals and scum in Gotham? Not so much. His interactions with Harvey Dent, in particular, felt jarring and off to me in light of what I was used to and how I come to expect the Joker. That Ledger’s portrayal is now being identified and described as the ‘iconic’ performance of the character is, to my mind, ludicrous.

To me, the Iconic Joker will always be the DCAU one voiced by Mark Hamill.


9.  QDoba


Yeah, this place was an obsession for many of the folks I worked with as a counselor at a Summer Camp. They loved going there and eating the food which, they claimed, was ‘way better than Taco Bell’ and full of new flavors and taste. I thought for certain there would be something to their claims when I finally managed to accompany them to the place.

In all reality, what I found out was that the place had about eight different types of beans and three flavors of rice to go with their A)Chicken or B) Beef as you went down the rows. I had come expecting something more than beans and rice and was disappointed. It was OK – for a quick serve restaurant, but it was also expensive. Paying eight bucks for a burrito is not my idea for a great meal or a great time. They still love it – I’m not returning.

8. Most televised Sports


Don’t get me wrong, sports are awesome. They have a lot of potential in teaching teamwork, fair play, how to be an appropriate winner and an appropriate loser. There is a lot of good in sports.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has become so obsessed with the dang things that it makes it incredibly annoying to be around most folks around here come Sundays when the games air. I don’t have a particular problem with that, but I don’t follow any particular team or sport – outside of the Red Wings and Hockey (and then passively at best) – which means I get to hear about something I just have no interest in. My students think I’m nuts for liking my books more than these guys; I don’t think I’m that crazy.


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