Book Review – Dying to Get Published


So, you’re a writer (hey, who these days isn’t?) and the literary agent you sent your manuscript to took a year to reject it. In the meantime, you continue to write and cater. Sounds about right for most of us ‘unpublished’ writers and it’s true for our protagonist Jennifer Marsh as well.

Things take a bit of a turn, however, when Jennifer sees a news report about a killer that has been apprehended who has received a book deal to explain to the public the how and why of what he did. Jennifer, seeing this as an easy way to get some free publicity (and possibly a book deal) decides that she has to find someone to murder to ensure her fifteen minutes of fame. There are some requirements however and, after some soul searching, her eye falls on the literary agent who had kept her in suspense for a year.

Of course the agent ends up dead but Jennifer ends up not going through with the murder. Due to her planning, however, she’s the one accused and things go steadily downhill from there.

Which is the premise of the novel. It takes a while for the story to get there, but not so long as to make it suffering to read through. Jennifer Marsh as a protagonist is OK. She’s a little too bubbly, a little too trusting, and a little too oblivious for me to really identify with her, but I like my protagonists a little more serious in general, so I won’t hold that against her.

The writing style itself is quick and simple. Fitzwater does not waste a lot of time on extra words or hard to follow names – a blessing as far as I am concerned. It makes the story read quickly and fairly easily. At one point Fitzwater is juggling four or so plot threads and things get a bit jumbled and hard to follow, but she does manage to unwravel the knot before the end of it in a logical manner. The actual villain of the story is pulled from a believable pool and the motivations of said character make sense and are present before the character is revealed as the murderer. While the ending was a trifle cliché, it worked in this case.

On the whole, Fitwater’s Dying to Get Published is a solid opener for the Jennifer Marsh mysteries and is certainly worth checking out at its current ‘free’ kindle price. I would even say at the $2.99 price of the sequels, this first in series would be worth the price.

Characters – 3/5 stars
Plot – 4/5 stars
Action – 3/5 stars
Word Count 5/5 stars
Price – 5/5 stars.
Overall summation 3.5 /5 stars.


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