Book Review: The Russians Came Knocking: A Josh Glassman Novel

Cover from Amazon for "The Russians Came Knocking"
Cover from Amazon for “The Russians Came Knocking”

I’m a big fan of “A Girl and Her Fed” – the webcomic universe that this book is based in, so don’t pretend that this is entirely unbiased.

The story is a pretty simple afair. Without too many spoilers – someone is trying kill a tenant in Josh Glassman’s building. He has a few problems with his condo, but puts them aside to aide the tenant. Josh offers protection and things go from there in a series of interesting plot twists and turns. The book, if it was a website, would be rated NSFW for a few of the chapters that are included.

Overall, this is a good story and it fits well in the universe. It doesn’t feel quite as polished or developed as “Digital Divide”, the first novel effort by Ms. Spangler. The writing is a little more generic and not as exciting. The sex chapters, which fit extremely well with the character of Josh, feel a bit forced. I know it was a big part of the draw according to the previews posted on the website and they are fun to read. Much better than a number of other scenes of a similar nature that I have read. It is only their insertion that feels forced.

On the whole, I strongly recommend this as a purchase. It’s a good read and completely and totally worth the price especially for fans of Ms. Spangler’s universe and A Girl and Her Fed. Go ahead and click here to purchase it from Amazon.

Writing: 5/5
Characterization: 5/5
Plot: 4/5
Flow: 4/5
Value: 5/5

Total rating: 4.5/5


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