Book Review – Forever His (Stolen Bride Series)

Forever His – Shelly Thacker
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So, I’m not typically a romance fan. Let’s put that out there from the start. I’m not saying I don’t like romantic elements to stories, but I have trouble with a lot of the precursors to what is portrayed as a stereotypical romance novel – bustling muscles, heaving chests, long sighs, and a lot of glancing. It’s not necessarily that these things are bad but they are simply not my cup of tea.

Forever His, however, had such excellent reviews and the cover was so attractive that I had to grab it while it was free. I am glad that I did, since reading the story has dissolved many of the delusions I hold about the romance genre. A romance novel can be done well and have interesting characters and dilemmas beyond what I had considered the primary dilemmas of most romance stories. But enough about me – let’s take a look at the book.

This is a historical fiction romance with a twist of time travel. We have a modern woman thrown back in time to historically important time and place. Our out of time woman has some issues with both history (WHERE AM I?!) and historical truths (women just don’t do a lot of what she does). At first she thinks she’s delusional and ‘the man’ thinks she’s nuts, but things start to settle out and play through events. There is a lot of political intrigue and consequence set up as a part of the novel and it is played with very well.

The characters are fantastic. Our heroine is spunky but with a good sense of humor. She manages to rationalize things fairly well, all things considered, and has a fiery personality to deal with her ‘man.’ The ‘man’, on the other hand, is similarly well humored. At first he is portrayed to be rather cruel and cold, but that changes slowly through the novel. He doesn’t defrost extremely quickly and more than once the two have to patch things up between them to make things function. He makes an excellent counterpoint to our heroine’s spunk. For all of her movement, he is a solid hold; for all of her excess energy, he is a calm place. They make great foils. The only non-foil interaction that they have is in their passions – BOTH are passionate.

The story is well put together and reasoned. There are a few slow spots – but I call them breathing rooms. The pacing makes sure you can process each development within the time travel mystery – something the ‘slow’ parts take care of. I needed them to catch up and make sure everything was adding up correctly as I read. There is a lot of meat to the story and I needed those times to chew.
This is an excellent story at any price, but when I grabbed it, it was free! Give it a read when you have the chance. I’ve even, gasp, spent some real money to pick up more in the series.

Overall Rating: 5/5
Writing: 5/5
Characterization: 5/5
Setting: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Flow: 4/5
Value: 5/5 (Free), 5/5 (Standard Listing)


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