Looking for a Species Name

Hey ya’ll!

I’m looking for a suggestion for a name for a species for my upcoming novel. They are very similar in appearance to Dungeons and Dragons Kobolds only more draconic in appearance. At the moment I am calling them dragonmen, but I am looking for something more enticing and I thought I would throw this out there for some ideas.

Here’s the profile I have for them in my notes:


Appearance: Humanoid – 2 Arms, 2 Legs, walks upright. Facial structure is vaguely draconic – scales over the nose area create a plate, almost like a mask. Males have slightly larger and curved horns while the females have thinner, straighter horns. Bodies are covered in scales – these dragonmen are black colored, so their scales resemble obsidian.

Society – Clan based cave dwellers. The dragonmen worship dragons as their creators, going so far as to have once had temples devoted to them. At one point, the culture was extremely sophisticated until the Giants and Ogres came to the island and wiped the floor with the Kobolds. This has lead to them hiding in the underground cave complex on their island – it is both easy to defend and hard navigate for invaders. Familial structure to families, though with large extended care groups. Very little to the personal politics – there simply aren’t enough of them to make a lot of personal politics necessary.

Accepting of magic – magic comes from the dragons and so too do the people.

Anyway, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below or to contact me using the links provided! 🙂


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