What Will You Write Challenge #1 – Neptune

For details on the contest, see here. The prompt provided comes from this post. I thought I’d give it a shot.

Here we go – the prompt is in italics:

Conrad opened his eyes to a view of a massive blue globe. He jerked back and twisted around in the microgravity. He touched something solid in front of him. A window.

He pushed against the window and turned around. Conrad scanned the small room, no larger than a public bathroom stall, and empty except for an EV spacesuit and door. He studied the view through the window. Neptune, he thought. How did I get here?
“You were brought here to facilitate understanding,” A sultry voice filled the air around him. “This habitat should be suitable to our needs.”

Conrad liked the emphasis the voice placed on needs – but who was speaking?

“I am Translocation Initiation Neurointerface Automaton. You, handsome, may call me Tina.”

“Neuro-wha?” Conrad questioned. As nice as it was to be called handsome, the familiarity, and mind reading, was a bit disconcerting . “There’s nothing like that…”

“On earth,” the voice corrected soothingly. “I know. But this isn’t Earth.”
“How do you speak English then?”

“I don’t. I’m speaking my native tongue. I’m very talented with it,” the voice replied,”I’ve just put the ability to translate it in to your mind.”


“I’ve almost got my interface ready. Then there won’t be any barriers between us.”
The emphasis on barrier removal gave Conrad more images to go with the voice, “Not that I don’t appreciate the offer, Tina, but I’m a little confused. How did I get to…Neptune. And what’s with all the compliments? And the suit.”

“Translocation. A simple procedure your people haven’t figured out yet,” Tina replied. “The compliments are here to help you relax. And the suit? Well, that’s for protection.”

“Protection? From what?”

“Every girl should have protection when she meets a guy. Speaking of, my interface is ready. The question is – are you?” The challenge in that tone helped Conrad recognize what he was ready for. “One moment.”

Conrad watched in astonishment as the window began to peel itself away, a layer of the thick glass melting in to a pool on the floor. As he continued to watch, the glass began to re-shape itself. In less than five minutes a beautiful woman crafted of crystal was standing before him. He watched, stunned, as the glass took on the colors of the planet – a shifting sea of blues with lighter highlights. The occasional trace of white accented her, emphasizing her eyes and shapely form, “Does this please you?” the voice that had filled his mind now spoke from the construct.

Conrad could not deny how beautiful the woman looked. Her colors made her exotic and her shape made her desirable, yet he could not entirely admit to it being pleasant, “You’re made of glass…I can’t touch you.”

“Touch me, Conrad. I insist.” Tina held out an arm.

Conrad touched it and was shocked to discover that, despite the appearance of glass, Tina felt as if she were made of flesh. She was warm and soft to his touch. She leaned over and whispered in to his ear, “I’m real everywhere.

Conrad didn’t need to hear that twice. Tina’s lips were real, her legs were real, her warmth was real, her promises of pleasure were real. It did not take them long, and the suit went unused. In the end, though, as they lay on the floor, Conrad finally gathered enough of his wits to probe with questions rather than other bits of him, “What was that about?”

“Protection,” Tina replied, “Now that I have a sample of human DNA, my people can be immune to your diseases and poisons. We don’t really want to die to bacterium and other microorganisms.”

“YWait…what? You’re coming to our planet? What are you doing, invading?” None of the movies he had watched mentioned beautiful crystal women taking over.

“Peacekeeping, actually,” Tina continued, her voice still causing all kinds of stirring in Conrad. “We’re making sure that you’ll be safe and so will we. We’re very protective of our possessions.” Tina smiled, “You’ll be my favorite. You’re very good at pleasing me. Would you like to go for a walk now?” The crystal clear woman stood up and gestured to the EV suit, “I’ve got something your familiar with for now. Until we can adopt something better for you.”

Conrad peered at the suit and considered his options. Given what Tina had been capable of so far, being with her didn’t seem so bad. He smiled, “All right. Give me a few minutes.” Then a thought occurred to him, “Say, Tina? What about those that don’t want to be peacekept?”

“Oh, they will, Conrad. We can be very persuasive.” Tina’s hips wiggled as she came to stand next to him, “Very.”


3 thoughts on “What Will You Write Challenge #1 – Neptune

  1. Found you via Jay Dee’s flash prompt. Oh yeah, I like you. You’re my new favorite person. Will be keeping an eye on the blog now. Glad you joined in! Love it.

  2. Now that was something to read. Very unexpected. You’re making this judging thing difficult!
    I’m reading through the entries at the moment. Decision expected within 24 hours.

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