Some Struggles….


I’ve never made it a secret that I am a teacher.

At the moment, however, there are troubles that I see brewing. One of the big ones that I run in to, and not only with my students but with others as well, is the inability to translate thoughts in to words. As an example, I have a student that is supposed to write a compare and contrast essay on advertisements. The prompt tells him to examine them for several items including overall effectiveness, use of imagery, and the message contained in each.

The trick is, when I sat down to work with him 1-on-1, he couldn’t translate himself. The words were in his head – I would catch them as he thought out loud, but they couldn’t get from his brain to his keyboard. I run in to this a lot.

It’s a struggle for me because I don’t, generally, have that problem. If anything I rant or go on tangents too easily (you can confirm this with my wife anytime. She’ll be happy to tell you that I get distracted easily) and can’t stop working my words in to sentences.

I’ve tried a number of techniques to mixed effect, but I cannot imagine how frustrating it is for the student. He keeps working hard and trying, but I know he’s not happy with having to write the essay. I want to help more, but that will often devolve in to more of my writing and less of his. That’s not fair to him: it removes responsibility and makes it so that his words are being ignored or I am making it too easy for him (something I struggle with anyway in my eagerness to help). So I back off and let him struggle, but it is a struggle for me not to jump in.

Just one of my thoughts as I try to get back to my Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule of posting.

Working on my review for Friday. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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