Summer Stress and Writing Success

70 pages.

70 pages for my camp this summer.

28746 words (according to the word count tool in Google docs.)

It doesn’t sound like a lot, given that it was over a summer, but in all reality it was over approximately 72 hours.

It was a lot of work, but it proved to my brain that I can still get through my meds and do some writing when I need to. Given the changes coming down the pipeline at work, I should have more ability to get to writing than I did in the past.

I’m looking forward to that aspect of it.

Anyway, I’ll be putting some of it up soon. If I was not tired right now, I would put some stuff out at the moment, but I wanted to point out that it is possible to get over 7000 words a day if you sit down and use some of the writing techniques that many of the strategy guides put out there. I’m going to share some of the scenarios over the next couple of weeks and share my thoughts and get back in to updating this blog when I have a chance.

Until then, thanks for your views and notions! 🙂


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