Getting Ready for November…

Fione would have preferred it if she had never read anything about the Knights and Arthur. She would have liked it even better if her brother hadn’t managed to concuss himself at the last home game. Then maybe Cali would never have walked into her life. And that would have resulted in a lot less trouble for everyone involved.


Cali, the re-incarnation of the aetherblade Excalibur, only awakens when there is need of an Arthur. The mystical aetherealm is under siege from the advances of mankind who have enslaved many of those who live there to harness aether and corrupt it for their own use. She had originally intended to bond with Fione’s brother, Marcus, but has been forced to work with Fione until he wakes up. Which means training Fione AND investigating a powerful healthcare company. What is the reincarnated spirit of a legendary sword to do?


The Ears are Open - Say Somethin'!

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