1)Who am I?

I am, ultimately, a storyteller. Ask anyone that I have worked with over the years and they will confirm my desire to tell stories is genuine. I enjoy nothing more than reading good stories with the possible exception of writing them

During the day, I am a teacher working with At-Risk students (some of the best storytellers in existence) in an effort to pay the bills while I write.

2) So what’s this all about then?

This is a way for me to really start working at my craft and give me a reason to write. The more I write, the better I become. At least, that’s what most of my inspirations say. I figured a blog is a good way to get my name out there as well. I’m really working to keep it updated and current, so THANKS for coming.

3) So, what is Threads of Destiny?

Threads of Destiny is the original title of my novel. It’s since been changed to Fatewoven. It’s based off of a role-play my friends and I did back in 2010/2011. Essentially, it is a novelization of that adventure. If you want to read about it in its original form, check out thecharactersofsteve.wordpress.com and read through those.

There will be some changes, of course, but the majority of the story (from Alista’s perspective) is told there. It’s a bit mixed in, so I will try to tag all of the relevant posts…someday.


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