A Short Poem


What darkness lurks in the hearts of men?

What evils do they do?

What do those who watch above

Think when they see you?


Determination (Short)

Determination is well known in these parts. Often seen up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows, Determination is all about getting things done. When an obstacle manages to interfere with Determination, Determination will set about working it over, through, or under – be careful getting in the path of Determination.

Most often seen working at various progress, Determination sets a goal and then heads for it – sometimes with blinders on. While Determination is a positive group leader, there are sometimes problems when other points of view or spirits try to get Determination to listen to others. While Reason and Determination will often be seen in each others company, it is not uncommon for Determination to ignore reason in pursuit of Objective.

Determinations stubborness is both a great asset and a great downfall. It is not uncommon to find Determination exhausted at a current task. Assistance passes on this tale – “I was up at Determinations old hill back during the Rock moving project. Determination had to have been at it for hours trying to roll that rock up that hill. I kind of wondered if Determination realized that I was there so I said ‘need some help?’

Determination looked at me, eyes kind of wide. I’m not sure if my presence was known until then, “Nah. I got this. I don’t need any help.”

‘Can’t see how it would hurt.” I replied, stepping up next to Determination and the boulder.

Determination gritted some teeth, “If you insist. But I’ve got this.”

I nodded politely, “Maybe, but there’s nothing wrong with a little help.”

Determination is most often seen in the company of Goal and Plan. The three are known buddies and share tales and drinks each week at the Downtime Bar.